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Financial Wellness Program for Employees

Enhance your employee benefits package with a personal and customizable approach to your employees’ personal financial well-being.

Would you like to hear a fun fact? When I ask new clients how they chose the investments in their current 401(k), most of them tell me that they asked a coworker or their boss because they are “good at stocks “.
If that’s been your retirement “plan” so far, perhaps it’s time for us to talk.

As a business owner, you are no doubt aware of the value of a sound employee benefits package for both attracting and retaining desirable employees. But, your costs for those benefits are ever increasing.

Like most business owners, you probably consider the financial well-being of your employees just as important as their physical well-being. Personal financial problems and family hardships can negatively affect productivity in the same way as illness. Additionally, when your employees have professional help planning their financial future, they tend to be better focused on their jobs.

Our Solution: A Financial Wellness Program for Your Employees

How it Works

Each employee is entitled to a free, no obligation session with a Financial Advisor where his or her needs and our services are discussed. This is a confidential session, where they employee is able to discuss any financial needs or concerns that he or she may have, even if they fall outside the scope of their current group benefits.

Perhaps they have concerns about college funding for their children or grandchildren. Or maybe they or their spouse have a retirement account from a former job that they have questions on. Do they have enough life insurance? Will they have enough money in retirement? These are just of few of the areas of concern that many employees have, and we are here to assist them.

Why it Works

Simply put, implementing a Financial Wellness Program is a "win-win" for both the Employer and the Employees.

For the Employer, It is a very efficient way of enriching your current employee benefit package, with little no cost to the company. It shows that you care about your employees both in and out of work, and sends a message that they are not just a "number to you". Rather, you care about their family, and their family's financial well being also.

For the Employee, because they are a valued member of your team, the services of a Financial Advisor have been retained for them as an added benefit. They now have the ability to speak to a financial professional to address their questions and concerns, all because they are an appreciated employee.

Cost for the Employer

Because your business is unique, any enhanced benefit package should be as well. Although our Financial Wellness Program for Employees is typically offered at little or no cost to the Employer or Employees, we can customize a package that meets the specific needs of your business and your staff.


For the Employer: Generally speaking, the cost to the company is typically limited to ancillary costs, such as the cost of the employee meeting with the Financial Advisor while on "company time", and costs of that nature.

Cost to the Employee

For the Employee: The initial consultation is confidential, and provided free of charge with no obligation. Should the employee decide to move forward and implement a solution or recommendation, then any fee or charge would be based on the service they implemented. In most cases, such as the implementation of an insurance policy, the Financial Advisor's compensations for this type of service is through commissions from the product sale, not directly from the employee/client.  Of course, this would all be disclosed before moving forward, with total transparency.


Let's work together to enrich the Financial Wellness of your employees

Are you on track for retirement?

No solution or program is "one size fits all". Lets talk about what fits best for your company.

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