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Working Together 

Working Together 

In today's information age, I realize that you have access to an overwhelming amount of information.  And with that information comes choices.  I understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing your Financial Advisor, so why choose to work with me and my team?  In short, my business is personal.

Personalized Service

To me, the Advisor/Client relationship is just that...a relationship, not a transaction. My clients trust me with the financial future of their families and businesses, and that is not something that I take lightly.

As a client, you will be dealing directly with my team and I, and not some 800 number based overseas.  When you have a question or concern, you reach out to my team and I directly.  Need me to stop by in person?  I will always do my best to accommodate.

As a Financial Advisor at with over 20 years’ experience in financial services, I have had the pleasure of helping a lot of great people through various stages of their life. Looking back, many of the individuals that began as clients, have become close personal friends as well. Although I may deal with numbers all day, my clients are certainly not just a number to me.  For me, my business is personal.


As an Independent Financial Advisor,  I do not work for a big insurance company or investment brokerage.  Rather, I work for you, the client, recommending what is in your best interest.

Although my team and I have access to the products and services of essentially every major insurance or investment company, I do not have a "home team".  Meaning, when I make a recommendation, it is not because some big firm that I work for is pushing their product, agenda, or instilling a sales quota or minimum production on me. Therefore, you can rest assured that any recommendation that I make is based objectively on your needs.

Being an independent Financial Advisor allows my team and I to take a holistic approach to your financial planning needs, and recommend the options and strategies that are most appropriate for you, my valued client.

Your Family.  Your Future.  Your Business.  Let us help you protect what matters most.

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